About Sapan Kay Cee


Sapan Kay Cee (born 23rd November 1987 in Janakpur) – is an political analyst and social worker. She started her education life from Darjeeling and Bangalore in India, where she accomplished her intermediate degree and graduation from a prominent college. 


She belongs to a rajput family in West Bengal. Having an army and political family background, she always have been under the gloom of administrator personalities from her young age as her father and grandfather are retired army man, her mother and grandmother belongs to a political family. Because of being in such a flourishing atmosphere of talented personalities Sapan Kay Cee has a pool of experiences and she always dreamed to be a legend to make her family and nation feel proud. Beyond her political and educational life she also possesses a strong affection for travelling, reading books, dictatorship to enlighten the public their values and strength described in the constitution. She is highly spiritually strong and a dedicated follower of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj. She married to Amit Sharma but unfortunately the marriage didn't last long and they got separated. Going through this choked unbearable disappointment in life, even though she doesn’t let her dedication and enthusiasm flow down. 


She was inspired by Dr. Karan Singh, who influenced her to work for congress, this ignites a revolution within herself towards the Indians and its political battle field that she couldn’t stop her to get aroused even though knowing that there will be trough and crest throughout her destination, she never turned back since she started her political career. She is an active member of All India Congress Commitee as well as a strong supporter of congress party for long. Apart from politics, from her childhood, she is a passionate book reader, spends almost of her time for reading books of different patriotic writers along this she has a prolonged and extensive career in various Non - Government organisation. She is the president of YOUTH SERVICES FOR PEACE and YAKSHINI IMPEX PVT LTD since long time.


She was politically un-veiled at her teenage when she couldn’t stop the emotion flow towards the benefits of school going children. Since her childhood, she has been in touch to her inspirational Dr. Karan Singh, who is a senior Indian National Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member. He influenced her to work for congress and energized her not only in career point of view but also in all flow of personality. Since 2007, she has been an active congress follower; she initiated many of the programmes for the benefits of poor ones with All India Priyanka & Rahul Gandhi Trust members even she started a non government organisation ‘Youth Services for Peace’ in 2014 with the aim of spreading peace around the world; Youth of today have a strong practical bent of cynicism. Therefore, she believes that today's youth have that power to drive the change, who can lead the world towards peace and welfare. Her vision is to see the people living in a peaceful environment.

She has a generous heart towards the needy ones in our society; she keeps herself engaged with social and cultural programs. On 2nd October 2014 she organised a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Programme on the opposite side of Safdarjung Hospital. She also adopted Pandukeshwar village in Chamoli district Uttarakhand under the Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana, now recently in Pandukeshawar she organised ‘Book Distribution Programme’ in Rajkiya Inter College with a view to encourage a school students.

On Gandhi Jayanti: 2nd October 2015, she organised ‘Cleanliness Drive’ and ‘Tree Plantation Programme also she initiated women empowerment programs which gives a solid foundation to build the inner strength, creativity and self-respect of women from all walks of life.



President          :      YOUTH SERVICES FOR PEACE



She has been a prodigious reader since stepped in her college life, where she read numbers of book. Mostly she prefers to hang out at new places along her friends circle, she loves to trek and enjoy nature and portrait photography. On her travels she covered most of religious places. She takes a keen interest in disclosing believes in different cultures and traditions of the world and enjoys collecting mementos. During her spare times, when there is nothing to do she entertained herself by watching horror movies since she was a little kid. From childhood, she has a strong believe in a god. She believes that whatever happens in our life at any instant of the moment is always for the sake of betterment; she often used to say that god will support her at each and every moment of her life.