About Sapan Kay Cee


Sapan Kay Cee (born 23rd November 1987 in Janakpur) – is an political analystRead More...


She belongs to a rajput family in West Bengal. Having an army and political family background, she always have been under the gloom of ad



She was inspired by Dr. Karan Singh, who influenced her to work for congress, this ignites a revolution within herself towards the Indian


  • Life is too short so it is very important to spend each and every second very carefully. Do not hurt anyone for the divine dwells, because within every heart there is god.

  • Success never comes around to look for you while you wait around. You have got to get up and work at it to make your dream come true.

  • You can never cross the ocean until you have to courage to lose sight of the shore.


  • Workshop on "Professional Social Work & Role of NGOs in Community Development"

    on 30 Apr, 2017

    SOCH ...beyond the imagination Ngo organised orientation cum workshop on the topic "Professional Social Work and Role of NGOs in Community Development" in Conference Hall of AMU, Aligarh University. Mrs. Sapan Kay Cee Conducted Workshop and described in detail about Professional So

Sapan Kay Cee is a social worker and politician in India. As well as she is an active member of Indian National Congress.
She was born on 23rd November 1987 in Janakpur. Her school and college education were accomplished from Darjeeling and Bangalore in India.
From, her childhood days, she has been leading a much disciplined life. She was much focused child. The words “give up” never existed in her dictionary. She was so strong-willed, her positive attitude toward life and a strong self that refuses to defeat by anything.

Sapan Kay Cee has a great heart towards the needy ones in our community; she always keeps herself engaged with various social services. She started a non-profitable social service organisation in Delhi by name ‘Youth Services for Peace’ in 2014, with the aim of empowering youth and motivates them to do something for the nation. YSP is a national level social welfare organisation in India which also deals with women empowerment and development issues. She has visited Singapore, Australia, Hongkong, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Spain to attend seminars & conferences and give speeches on human rights and education she believes only education can empower women.

She has been a prodigious reader since stepped in her college life, where she read numbers of book. Mostly she prefers to hang out at new places along her friends circle, she loves to trek and enjoy nature and portrait photography. On her travels she covered most of religious places. She takes a keen interest in disclosing believes in different cultures and traditions of the world and enjoys collecting mementos. During her spare times, when there is nothing to do she entertained herself by watching horror movies since she was a little kid. She has a strong believe in a god. She believes that whatever happens in our life at any instant of the moment is always for the sake of betterment; she often used to say that god will support her at each and every moment of her life.